Why do strategy game developers ignore consoles?

Even the DS is capable of handling a grand strategy game, so it's not technical challenges holding developers away from consoles. So what is holding back these publishers and developers from these services, if there's no technical inhibitions?

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Shackdaddy8363099d ago

Cus it just doesn't work right. Like Halo wars. Turn based might work but there is still an issue with how many buttons are available. Since PC has a mouse, you can basically have unlimited buttons on the screen and keyboard while for console you only have the couple of buttons on the controller(using analogue stick like a mouse feels too clunky). Plus there isn't that big of a demand for them on consoles.

MattS3099d ago

The article addresses all those things though: grand strategy games, even the real-time ones, usually don't require many keyboard inputs, and could be mapped to a controller quite easily.

As for the demand thing... that's why PSN and XBLA is there, to release "riskier" games that don't require quite so many sales to make a return on investment :)

Back in the day consoles weren't great for strategy games, but there's no real reason they can't host them now.

Tachyon_Nova3099d ago

It's also the speed and usability of the mouse more than the actually keyboard that makes RTS games for example much easier to play on a PC. You will certainly do most of your work with the mouse in most modern RTS's.

MattS3099d ago

Good point, Tachyon. And I certainly agree that the faster, and dare I say "arcade" RTS games out there (such as Starcraft) would never work on consoles.

But what about some of the slower paced RTS games? R.U.S.E plays really well on the PS3 for instance, and there's a whole genre of games - grand strategy - where even if they are RTS games, they're very slow paced. A controller (or Move, or Wiimote) would be sufficient for those.

It's just a pity that the developers don't put those games on the PS3/ Xbox 360, to see whether there is a market for them.

Agent-863099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

The article makes a great call in recommending Panzer Corps as a good title for release on PSN/XBLA. I was a beta tester on the game and it is the perfect title to hook console gamers into good strategy games. It's streamlined enough so that it could easily be played with a controller. Also, not too difficult to learn that anyone should feel overwhelmed. Just like Panzer General did in it's day. I played that on the original PlayStation and it got me hooked on strategy games.

Edit: MattS, you ask "But what about some of the slower paced RTS games?" Company of Heroes would be a good one, I think. It's slower paced and might transfer well to consoles.