UFO 2: Extraterrestials: Shadows Over Earth Delayed Until March 2012

Chaos Concept announced they have delayed the release date of UFO 2: Extraterrestials: Shadows Over Earth until March 2012 to focus on more gameplay and tactical combat features.

Their decision was also reached due to petitions from fan feedback to add specific features.

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Triggs3093d ago

I'm not sure how many times some developers have tried to replicate UFO:Enemy Unknown/X-COM: UFO Defense, but I think almost all them failed due to design and implementation problems.

This might beat Xenonauts to the race even if UFO 2 is still delayed.

Felinox3093d ago

Completly agree. Wish they'd just release a graphically updated xcom on xbl and psn.
The new game doesn't look that promising at all.

DiLeCtioN3093d ago

aliens are demons, they want you to believe in them. so they keep bombarding you with alien related media.