The Season Pass: Good or Bad?

"Of course you could wait it out until these games go cheap then get the pass, but you’re not guaranteed the pass will last until that day arrives"

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IHateYouFanboys3097d ago

Like you say, a season pass is great if you know what you're going to get.

With gears 3, for example, we know BEFORE the game is even out that the "season pass" will cost 2400msp, will get you 4 DLC packs, and will save you 30% of the cost of those 4 separate packs. That's excellent because you can decide if it's worth it well in advance.

I know I'll buy it on day 1, and that's on top of me paying $200 AUS for the epic edition AND trying to import a retro lancer replica.

I wouldn't however buy it if they just said "buy this and you get some dlc if we make any".

And really, I don't see how anyone can say they're a BAD thing? It's entirely optional, it's not affecting how dlc is made or priced, and again - it's optional. Those of us who would buy all the dlc save a bucket of money, those who don't are no worse off.

BLAKHOODe3097d ago

Epic did a great job with the DLC for Gears 2 and with continued support of the game. I have no doubt they'll do the same for Gears 3.

To me, this is a no brainer if you're a Gears fan. I'm definitely buying it.

JeffGUNZ3097d ago

exactly. I will be getting it the day it's available. This game will keep me occupied for a year at least, so it's a great investment for myself.

LightofDarkness3097d ago

I have no qualms with this idea, $20 up front which entitles you to all subsequent map packs and so forth. Charging $15 per map pack post-release is what grinds my gears...

LoneWolf01173097d ago

I think your seeing it all wrong, your not paying 20 first of all its 30 :p andd you still have to pay for the maps after you buy this waste pass.

BLAKHOODe3097d ago


You're right - it's $30, not $20. But you don't still pay for the maps AFTER you buy the "waste pass". The season pass is a pre-pay for the first 4 DLC packs, which Epic has said will include MP, SP and Horde/Beast mode. Now after the 4 included in the season pass, you'll have to pay extra for whatever Epic releases, IF they release anything extra.

ddelella3097d ago

I agree. Season Passes are good if you know what you are getting and the content is worth it. With MK the 4 characters were not worth that much. They should have bundles them in one DLC. For GoW the maps packs have been well worth the money so I suspect 2400 points is worth the money.

Raven_Nomad3097d ago

Season Passes are good if your the type of person who buys a lot of DLC. I have all the Gears 2 DLC, so I know Epic will at least do a good job with Gears 3 DLC as well. You save money in the long run, which is a good thing.

I would never get a Season Pass on a game I didn't play a lot, like every day. So it would have to be a Gears, Halo, Call Of Duty kind of game.

MasterD9193097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

Season Passes are only good for buying all the DLC packs of a game all in one purchase at one time.

I don't usually get all the DLC's for a game so I don't really think I'll be buying one anytime soon.

Dougz_G3097d ago

i'm kind of annoyed to find out that gears 3 will have less maps at launch even with the delay but i most likely will purchase this, huge gears fan :D

would like to know how many maps per DLC there'll be though.

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