Americas Weekly Chart Week Ending 27th Aug 2011

3DS - 91,889 (-13%)
X360 - 78,256 (+4%)
PS3 - 69,037 (+8%)
Wii - 53,216 (+3%)
DS - 46,517 (-9%)
PSP - 25,238 (+5%)
PS2 - 15,712 (+3%)


1: (X360) Deus Ex: Human Revolution - 190,948
2: (PS3) Deus Ex: Human Revolution - 112,359
3: (Wii) Mario Kart Wii - 44,410
4: (Wii) Just Dance 2 - 38,576
5: (PC) Deus Ex: Human Revolution - 37,418
6: (X360) Call of Duty: Black Ops - 29,103
7: (Wii) Wii Sports Resort - 28,973
8: (Wii) Zumba Fitness - 25,359
9: (3DS) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina o... - 24,375
10: (Wii) Wii Sports - 22,622

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Zir03098d ago

Even VGC is saying the PS3 price cut flopped and they usually over track the PS3

dark-hollow3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

Nope, the ps3 is selling very strong outside USA.
It's not Like vgcharts is accurate to begin with!
Troll harder....

jaosobno3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

Agreed. For the ignorant and misinformed, VGchartz was started by a xbox fanyboy that was banned from neogaf forums for constantly posting false information in favor of X360.

To US commentators and readers: I have full respect for you, however, you do not represent the world, nor do US sales determine overall success of a console. And for those claiming that you are the determining factor and the richest market, that is also false since Eurozone is above US when it comes to GDP. Did you ever ask yourselves; how come X360 always sells better in US and PS3 still manages to close the gap over time?

It is inevitable, PS3 will overtake X360 (if it hasn't done so far). Even 1,5 year advantage wasn't enough for microsoft.

SixZeroFour3098d ago

Off topic
@jaosobno - youre european right? i remember my high school math teacher saying awhile back that europeans use commas instead of decimal points (ie. 1,5 instead of 1.5) or something like that

on topic
with regards to sales, i think if any of the numbers should matter to anyone, its the one stating the numbers from your region cause the other numbers wouldnt affect you (not that the numbers should matter in the first place, unless you are a stockholder or work for either company)

gnb20033097d ago

jaosobno, no one has even mentioned US sales = world on this thread. In fact, there is no one boasting victory or any such nonsense.

I don't see any US braggards, however we all see you...

NLGSean3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

@ Jaosobno Please show me proof of this. I have been hearing this for a while on this site only. Wikipedia has a page about VGChartz and I see no mention of the site being developed by a Xbox 360 fanboy so please show me this source...

Also, I live in the US, I am from the US and I could care less about UK and Japanese sales. I live here and WE DO make the deciding factor of why the PS3 is behind the 360 worldwide. Only a moron could disagree to that. If you take the US sales out of the factor the PS3 is way ahead of the 360 in sales. US sales has the 360 almost 12 million units ahead of the PS3.

Sounds to me like someone just has a dislike for the US... And these ARE supposed US sales figures... So why even comment and throw in your little anti-US statement? Comment on your own country sales figures when they show up on here.

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Mario0073098d ago

a pricecut cant 'flop'...

SixZeroFour3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

thats actually questionable...flop usually means fail and the case of a pricecut, it usually means that the company is looking for more sales by attracting customers with a lower price point...however, when a pricecut is applied and the sales havent improved but rather stayed the same or dipped a bit, it just means that the company has now lost potenial profit

either way, that only really matters to the companies and stockholders, not the consumers

EDIT - btw, im talking about a pricecut flopping, and NOT what the results were for the weekly chart

masterofpwnage3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

well it is only 50 dollars.
i wasnt expecting much, but it still did pretty good sinse it was barely outsold by the 360 by only arounf 9000, while ps3 outsells the 360 in japan like atleast 14000min per week and europe, last time i check ps3 out sells the 360 there.

but still, they are both doing good.

andibandit3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

Nevermind what console sold the most, but PS3 owners arent buying games, now i get why they say online gaming is better on the 360, the PS3 crowd is nowhere to be found???

Raven_Nomad3097d ago

Bu..bu..but everything's a "day one" buy with PS3 owners right? At least that's what N4G has led me to believe. Are you saying this place is full of liars and dare I say...hypocrites?

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vishant1013098d ago

i just have to say that all consoles have such healthy sales this late into their life no wonder they don't want to bring out successors soon

mcstorm3098d ago

Wow 3ds sales are really picking up. Will be the best selling console this Christmas. And good to see all consoles selling well Ben a good Gen for everyone which for me is a good thing as we have seen the best out of all 3 this time round.

1Victor3098d ago

Lol @vgc "sales numbers " waiting .....waiting .... there we go official Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft numbers

tiffac0083098d ago

Isn't it a funny thing, every fanboy is fighting over unofficial sales chart which is considered SOLD and yet when the official shipments from the Big 3 comes out (which is SHIPPED data) everyone's data before that will correct themselves and follow that. lol!

ufo8mycat3098d ago

1: (X360) Deus Ex: Human Revolution - 190,948
2: (PS3) Deus Ex: Human Revolution - 112,359


More of you need to pickup this game. Best game this generation so far as far as gameplay. Quit buying all this COD garbage.

The game is like a mixture of : Splinter Cell, MGS4 and Mess Effect 2.

Absolutely brilliant game.

andibandit3098d ago

No Multiplayer,

i can wait for this great adventure until after xmas

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