Gran Turismo 5 Update 1.11 Goes Live with Jeff Gordon NASCAR Seasonal Event

The latest GT5 update goes live with a special new NASCAR Seasonal Event, featuring Jeff Gordon's racing suit and helmet as a prize.

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shikamaroooo3099d ago

new features and content coming in a few months CAN'T WAIT

Laypoof3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

The support for this game has been absolutely PHENOMENAL!
GT5 is a completely different game now than what it was when it first came out.

Pacman3213099d ago

I completely agree i have never seen a game so supported as gt5.


updates are always welcomed. Just did 1 of the new seasonal events load time seemed quick, came in 3rd got around 800000 in credit which should help me in completing A-spec which has been my focus. I just got this game a month ago its not even a game its more of a hobbie something I'll just keep coming back to between beating other games.

MidnytRain3098d ago

I think the amounts they give out for the SEs are excessive. I have about 20 million cr. My friend is repeating the same race to earn easy cash quickly.

andibandit3099d ago

are all those nascars gonna be in low res?

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The story is too old to be commented.