10 Minutes of Beautiful Uncharted 3 Highrise Gameplay

Dualshock Nexus: In this ten minutes of Uncharted 3 gameplay from PAX Prime 2011 you will see many noticeable changes in the classic Highrise map from Uncharted 2. Check out the gameplay footage below.

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TheGameMan3094d ago

looks good, just remember to watch it in full screen on you 50 inch tv to get an adie of what it will look like, if you are watchhing this in a 10" window on your laptop with it compressed all to hell in 720p you are kidding yourself if you think that same quality image is going to be there blown up to 50", ain't gonna happen, it'll look good, just like the beta

Burackus3094d ago

No your kidding yourself cause it does look that good, hell even the beta looked better than most retail games out now

blackburn103094d ago

The climbing,walking and running seem to be a lot smoother then the beta was. Nice.

Treezy5043094d ago

The gameplay has improved a lot in such a short amount of time, but what's funny is the previous version was pretty damn flawless.

thugbob3094d ago

I've noticed that too.

tinezedw3094d ago

this map it's from uncharted 2,if they add all the maps from u2 plus the new ones from u3 at the time the game launches it'll be epic.

Treezy5043094d ago

Yeah I hope they bring back the village, plaza, and my personal favorite train wreck :D

MsclMexican3094d ago

Dude, I hated train wreck. I couldn't see for my life. My favorite was village

Treezy5043094d ago

Oh and the Fal-SS shown in the beginning is also a nice gun, but it's very different from the Fal in U2.

rew1823093d ago

I think it looks like an awesome gun. Zoomed one shot rifle. Not had one like this before. It's strengths are weak thought as I think people will just use the sniper rifle or the GMAL or whatever the FAL gun of 2 is. STOKED FOR THIS THOUGH!

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The story is too old to be commented.