Expect To Hear About RDR2 After GTAV Is Announced

Rockstar and Take-Two have a couple gigantic blockbuster franchises now, and they're not about to forget Red Dead.

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marioPSUC3096d ago

I think we'll get info on the next GTA rather early into next year, maybe a bit later this year. Cannot wait to just see something.

And with the huge success RDR was for Rockstar they are more than likely making another one, great game, though I dont think they could really go further in time with it considering RDR took place in 1911, though who knows maybe they could come up with something interesting.

MintBerryCrunch3096d ago

a prequel as you playing a guy who's hunting down the gang that Marston is in and finally capturing him

that would make for a great story i think and it would show how Marston was caught and how he was forced the hand that was dealt to him in RDR by doing what he was ordered to do

Hufandpuf3096d ago

There shouldn't be a sequel to RDR. Sequels tend to take the shine away from Hit games. Bioshock 2 anyone?

marioPSUC3096d ago

That was made by a different developer, and Bioshock didnt need a sequel anyway, it wasnt a totally bad game is just wasnt nearly as good as Bioshock.

And RDR should have a sequel, or I think a prequel, maybe a prequel set when John Marston was in the gang and doing all kinds of bad things, that would work. what ever rockstar does I doubt it will dissapoint

Hufandpuf3096d ago

A prequel would be good.

MasterD9193095d ago

Kinda surprised to hear talk about a sequel considering how they ended it. Playing as Marstons son didn't do anything for me so I hope they don't continue on with him.

I'd like to see a different timeline either before with a prequel or after. What else could they do with the frontier?

TheTruth893095d ago

but what about Agent? T_T

3095d ago
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