Why the PlayStation Vita will surpass the PSP

PSU writes: " You may assume that of the 70 million people who bought a PSP, a lot of them will want a Vita. Through the PSP, Sony has installed a group of people who love and are willing to buy their handheld devices. In other words, the PlayStation Vita will reap from the seeds sown by the PSP."

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Misterhbk3100d ago

Why will it most likely surpass the PSP?

Because odds are its going to have an even better library of games. It is clear that Sony is putting heavy focus into the Vita and has many of their own first Party Devs working on games, along with all the third party teams getting to work. Add in all those Indie exclusives that are going to be all over the place and you've got a recipe for success.

Games are what makes a system sell. Games.

badboy74283100d ago

Yes because it has no competition in the 3DS.

user8586213100d ago

Just like DS was in its own league compare to the psp ;)

yabhero3100d ago

because the 3ds is in its own competition

Moerdigan3100d ago

all Sony has to do is not mess up. The ball is really in their hands.

hard joe3100d ago

since 3ds not doing so well
vita has all means to succeed

yabhero3100d ago

too bad the 3ds is coming back to life

psvitaisking3100d ago

in my book I already have...

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The story is too old to be commented.