What can the videogame industry learn from mobile gaming?

There is a level of anxiety in the videogame industry at the moment. The growth of digital distribution has been fueled by the mobile sector, driven by an abundance of independent developers that are embracing such an open and accessible method of creation and distribution. Some platform holders and publishers are looking to online business models to get their products into the hands of consumers, while others seem to falter when it comes to implementing sound and functioning online platforms.

Any apparent threat to the traditional videogame console – that is, a console reliant on physical media – is not a damning indication of the future of the product, but is rather indicative of a changing business landscape. Unfortunately, the industry seems to be going in several different directions, with conflicting opinions as to the relevance of mobile gaming and the drive of digital distribution.

Do mobile platforms even have a place, and is the success of smartphones like the iPhone...

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