Valve: Portal 2 Did Better On PC, Premature Monetization ‘Root of All Evil’

While both installments of Left 4 Dead on Xbox 360 outsold its PC counterpart, Valve boss Gabe Newell has said that Portal 2 on PC fared better than on consoles. It’s somewhat of a surprising statistic, considering it was Valve’s first true multiplatform release, not counting the outsourced EA port of Orange Box.

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Bigpappy3102d ago

I think Gabe is loosing his bond with the 360 crowd. It is not because he developes on PS3 too, but more because his focus is now steam. You kind of get the feeling, whether true or not, that if you want the best experience with Valve's games, you would not find it on 360 because M$ would not let Gabe do what he wants to on the 360.

That is just my view of valve form a 360 perspective. I am not saying that 360 owners will bouycot Valve, but they have change the relationship, and that will at least hurt a bit. One has to remember that there are many one the PS3 side who are not willing to welcome Valve with open arms. That and the fact that 360 have move users in the west.

ATi_Elite3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

Gee whiz i didn't get any of that from the article! let me read it again...NOPE nothing about boycotts and relationships!

I'm just glad Portal 2 sold well!

Michael Abrash whoa!!....this guy designed Intel's Larrabee and worked on Doom and Quake. Gabe has been after this guy for a while and now he finally works for Valve........

I wonder what they are up to?

vishant1013102d ago

i think its because not only was portal 2 cheaper on pc all ps3 owners also got a pc copy and not to mention the mouse and keyboard are alot better and fun to play portal with.

Bladesfist3101d ago

It counts pc purchases on steam.