Modern Warfare 3 To Claim the Top Spot This Fall

The Slim Opinion: A roundtable discussion on hot gaming topics

With a couple of gaming events coming to a close, our TSO (The Slim Opinion) squad takes on five questions that certainly bring interesting answers. No thoughts will be held back, and the fanboy in all of us may come out of its shell. Will a definitive answer be found? Only time will tell.

Other topics include: MW3 or BF3, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D, and PS Vita vs. 3DS.

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Bumpmapping3094d ago

MW3 will claim the top 10 of mediocrity games this fall.

gw4k3094d ago

Stop the hate man, the game will be great, just like the others. You will play it too. You aren't kidding anyone!

fooxy3094d ago

"just like the others" Which one u referring 2 ? Because pretty much everything below MW2 is hacked to death and MW2 itself is biggest unbalanced piece of shit IW ever pushed out of their asses ! Maybe it will be great who knows ? But it aint a game, its a retail patch for $60

gw4k3094d ago

I can't talk about the older COD's as I stop playing them when the new one comes out. Awesome. I have experienced only a round or two of any hacking...ever.

Each game brings a new aspect and I enjoy it. Everyone that games, that I know, enjoys is. If you add up all the time we have played this game we could have done some amazing things.

Again, stop hating, grow up. Be REAL!

Sub4Dis3093d ago

only good cod i ever played was the very first one. and looking back on it, it wasn't great either, just something different (well...kinda).

Aussiegamer3093d ago

@gw4k "i have experienced only a round or two of any hacking".

Wait sorry gotta catch my breath, bahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahha.

Ah man you are so naive.

The new cod will be ok and I aint hating cause ill buy it but man why you defending it so much? Do you have shares in actavision?

Its cool if you enjoy it but not everyone does. But for me this game will not claim top spot, it may claim top spot for sales, but for me personally it will not, im more looking forward to uncharted 3, b3 and skyrim. Each to there own.

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hardandsloppy3093d ago

@ AussieGamer

When you did that laugh i picture the joker's laugh in my head :)

Yangus3092d ago

Mediocrity.....why?Not ps3 exlusive.
Resistance AAA title?Look MW and R sales....

CrimsonEngage3094d ago

Only reason COD sells more is because it's easy to pick up and play. Battlefield on the other hand is a thinking mans FPS which requires teamwork in order to win. COD has no team work. It's a mindless run and gun, spray and pray game catered towards kids with ADHD.

Battlefield brings innovation while COD brings the same shit every year. Small maps, terrible spawns, same recycled weapon sounds, 2007 game engine and to top it all off it still uses canned death animations from 1998.

Every COD game after MW1 is nothing more than a MOD priced at $60.

gw4k3094d ago

I love Battlefield but you need to give the credit where credit is due. Sorry folks, truth is truth. Acting like fan boys isn't going to help anything and you can already see the amount of wasted time on N4G with such nonsense. Being an adult is about the bigger picture.

Sub4Dis3093d ago

truth is truth, and it's just what he said. cod is popular because it's easy. it makes people who aren't good at other games feel like they are "pro" because 2 bullets in the foot is a kill and a melee is instant death. it encourages camping, too. it encourages all of the behaviors you would see a noob do in a quality FPS.

Swiggins3093d ago

^ You're gonna say CoD encourages camping when you're also talking about Battlefield?

Jesus, double standard much.

PotatoClock3093d ago

"Acting like fan boys isn't going to help anything"

Don't you look more like the fanboy by defending COD?
Where other people have said they are looking forward towards other games like Skyrim and Uncharted 3, you just keep going on about COD thinking everyone plays it but say they hate it.

"Being an adult is about the bigger picture"

Yes it is. Why don't you take your own advice and accept that people have other opinions and tastes?

Noones impressed with your 'mature' comments

EmperorDalek3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

"Battlefield on the other hand is a thinking mans FPS which requires teamwork in order to win"

What a load of garbage. Iv'e destroyed many bases in BC2 where I didn't have any help at all, so teamwork isn't 'required'. If you use teamwork in either COD or BF you will win.

Give me proof that Battlefield 3 will do something innovative, and no, a new engine doesn't count.

These 'mods' other more content than any Battlefield game to date. Bad Company 2's 7 maps with a bad single player was a disgrace in terms of content. Whereas Modern warfare 2 had a short, but fun campaign, a lengthy co-op mode and 15 maps. Modern Warfare 3 looks like it will add a survival mode on top of all that.

I will be getting both BF3 and MW3, but the hate for COD is annoying. BF fans talk about COD more than BF.

shooter7473093d ago

The hardcore gamers are pure of selfish hate, and obviously they are very visible in the internet because it's what they do day in and day out. But there is a massive number of nonhardcore gamers out there, casual-regular gamers, who really don't give a damn what these hardcore idiots say especially the COD hate considering the game is not released yet.

Sub4Dis3093d ago

that's right. there are a ton of non-hardcore consumers out there that vote with their dollars. and they vote that year after year they want to play the same tired, predictable, boring 2 or 3 games over and over and over.

thanks! because of this mindless consumption of stupidity and repetition, many developers can't get the big budgets they might have gotten in the past to actually innovate. COD is a cancer on the industry, and the consumers are feeding it and helping it spread.

HeavenlySnipes3093d ago

about COD and BF3 when the best all around games this fall will be Skyrim, UIC3 and Gears 3. Gears 3 and UC3 will have BOTH a great SP and MP. Whereas COD and BF are only MP games. I doubt either will have a memorable SP.

Jack_DangerousIy3093d ago

No bubbles for the troll.... What a sad sight to see.


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