Call of Duty XP Official Live Stream

Gamertag Radio writes: "Live coverage from Call of Duty XP in Los Angeles, CA. Watch it live starting Sept 2-3 @ 2:00 PM EDT. Performing live: Dropkick Murphys & Kayne West"

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majiebeast3101d ago

I wonder what they gonna show at this Convention /S

Blacktric3101d ago

I hope they show Xbox 360 footage of Battlefield 3 and PS3/PC footage of Skyrim. Can't wait.


Theonetheonly3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

Activision guy1: Stan did you see the new BF3 Caspian Border trailer?

Activision Guy2:............We better call in the Celebrities, Maybe Kanye wont let them Finish.

59Martins593101d ago

I will not buy BF3 because I find the style of battlefield games very boring, and if the leaked killstreak and perks info is confirmed on COD XP I will not be buying any FPS this year.

NuclearDuke3101d ago

Got this same feeling towards it. Battlefield went from "Battlefield" to a Bad:Company 3 style of game.

Call of Duty seemed promising, but some of these killstreaks are just incredibly sad.

artdafoo3101d ago

The amount of comments in this thread is sad, lol this tine last year there'd be 200 comments, I think I hear crickets.