Diablo III Resource System Explained

Blizzard Entertainment detailed the resource system of each class in Diablo III.

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gw4k3096d ago

No more talking about it Blizzard, give it to me!!!! I needs it!

Ramas3096d ago

and demo not even started, starting to doupt that the game will be released this year. Couse beta usually lasts about 3 months, so in best case mid december or something, but not sure if it is good time to release game, they might wait for january 2012

Gran Touring3096d ago

They've had a beta going on since July. The next beta phase will be open to more players. Blizzard already said that although they are trying to get it out before year's end, they won't commit to a release until the game is ready to be shipped.

Ramas3096d ago

If i am not wrong it was only for family and friends, the real normal beta not started, but most likely it will start in september.