IGN: Resistance: Burning Skies Interview

Nihilistic Software and Sony discuss Vita development in detail.

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Hectic_Kris3102d ago


Ermmm..... Before you report have a proper look instead of saying it's a duplicate of my own submission fool!

Hectic_Kris3102d ago


Do you get the concept of time? how is it possible that this is a duplicate of the one you have said if this was submitted beforehand?

iliimaster3102d ago

damn now i have to get this hand held i love the resistance franchise but i just couldnt enjoy the psp game because of the controls but with this new system and the two thumb sticks day one purchase for me and i hold out hope they re release retribution on the vita for the controls of course

akaFullMetal3102d ago

game looks sick, and wow the graphics on this handheld is unbelievable.