SWTOR Pre-Order Sales jump another 37K to Hit 384K in Americas

SWTOR Pre-Order Sales jump another 37,000 for 27th August to hit 384,278 in the Americas. It is still going strong as we creep towards the start of Beta weekend and yes… still no release date announced.

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fluffydelusions3093d ago

Not sure if that is supposed to be impressive. Sc2 and wow expansions beat those numbers easily.

ATi_Elite3093d ago

I think once a hard release date is set......SW:Tor numbers will EXPLODE!

phantomexe3093d ago

If this was on consuls i'd be all over it but i got alot of friends that are just shiting kittens to get there hands on it.

NukaCola3093d ago

This is the final attempt to overthrow WoW....God Speed...

smilydude133092d ago

But haven't you heard? This is KOTOR 3-12! You even get to resolve the cliff hanger ending in this! Apparently you kill Revan and HK-47 in a level 30 raid if you're a sith. If you're republic you save him.

According to the people who leaked this (apparently there was also a video but it's on a private Beta forum for leaks or something)Revan traveled to the Empire with The Exile, Atton, HK-47, and T4-M3. Anywho, Atton apparently betrayed Revan leading to his capture by the Empire. Well, they locked him up for 300 years and sucked light side energy or something out of him.

Sounds stupid as hell, but I've seen it pop up quite a few times in various leaks. Probably being trolled so I guess we'll see.

TheGameMan3092d ago

i doubt this counts things like steam, direct2drive, green man gaming, gamersgate ect.

Not to mention, pc gaming is huge in germany and other euorpean countries, this game will sell 4 million easy in 2 months, but will it dethrone wow, not a freaking chance!

WoW makes more money in a couple months than gears of war 3 will make in its entrie life cycle!