Hands-On with Devil May Cry 4

Gameplayer has gone live with their hands-on impressions of upcoming blockbuster Devil May Cry 4, including a look at the different styles of fighting.

"This is due to the three different weapon sets, all tailored especially to building huge multi-hit combos and cool finishes; any particularly stylish combat is graded accordingly."

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Sam Fisher4923d ago

i mean nero is going to sux

picker3324923d ago

No he is gonna be fun to play with but dante is better and funnier(i think).
I hope dmc5 is like dmc3 or the 1st!
and ps exlusive like every other dmc except dmc3:se wish was a disaster
on pc.

Skerj4923d ago

I think the trickster moves should have been included in Dante's default control scheme and gave you the other styles to switch, regardless this is going to rock. Wait, what's the style switch button to begin with?

gunnerforlife4923d ago

devil bringer u idiot not demon bringer