Battlefield 3 Tons of new Info

Battlefieldo writes:

From the fact sheets at Gamescom, we learned about the EOD Bot, Radio Beacon, Micro UAV, Radar Beacon and Smoke Grenades. All of these could be destroyed by the enemy. When you exited the Camera view for the EOD Bot/ UAV, it seemed like they stayed there stationary, so you could use it again later.

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Triggs3468d ago

Wow look at that setup - rows of rigs with 2x580's in SLI...I wish I was there to try the game out, especially if the machines could be brought home... :-D yeah yeah like EA would allow that.

malol3468d ago

page not working here

Skate-AK3468d ago

Page not working for me either.

padz13468d ago

- Can be placed on the ground
- Player switches to camera view on EOD Bot
- Capable of Arming/Defusing MCOMS
- Can repair vehicles or torch players/vehicles

Radio Beacon
- Acts as a spawn point
- Model looks like a little radio
- Can be placed anywhere

Micro UAV
- Is thrown onto the ground
- Play switches to UAV Camera
- can push the EOD Bot around
- Used for spotting enemies
- No Weapons but to be added?

Radar Beacon
- Can be placed on the ground
- Scans area for enemies
- Only available to Recon Class

Smoke Grenades
- Could be used to cover a choke point entirely
- Should be used to hide a wave of EOD Bots attacking.

More details to come soon! for anyone its not working for.

MidnytRain3468d ago

Are the smoke grenades actually useful this time? In BFBC2 they were pathetic. It didn't cover much of anything and they dissipated in five seconds.

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