Deus Ex - The Cheat Happens Perspective

Cheathappens has released it's newest review for your convenience, as well as a few helpful cheats offering the perspective of playstyle from the way the game was meant to be played, whilst also giving a review on how their newest trainer allows you to further your playstyle of the game.

The trainer so far has come with quite a few different ways to give yourself the upper hand, such as Unlimited Praxis Points (upgrade points) allowing you to effectively make your talent build cover all trees, and of course, for those who like to take their time taking in the scenery without worrying about being killed, there's the god mode.

CheatHappens gives the game an overall score of 8/10, deducting the few for a few basic elements such as the game once in a while running out of steam and slowing down in some missions, and the facial animations being slightly out of date, but nevertheless, a good solid score.

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