Wii Don't Need It: Refuting the Cult of Next-Gen Consoles

When was the last time a new gaming system actually met your expectations?

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SITH3101d ago

The very fact this article praises current gen is proof a next gen console has met our expectations. The very length of time the current gen has been running is also evidence of that. So bring me the next gen and improve on what this gen still lacks.

ShoryukenII3101d ago

PS3 exceeded my expectations. I didn't look anything up before I bought it. But my first game was Killzone 2 and coming from PS2 the day before, my jaw dropped. I just played the Street Fighter III demo and realized how ugly that game is. I have it on PS2 and remember thinking it looked great. I didn't know that the PS3 had an Internet Browser and free demos too.

So the last time a new gaming system met my expectations wasn't too long ago. But my Wii is pretty much worthless. It's just a ZeldaBox featuring Mario, Kirby and Donkey Kong.

BladedTech3101d ago

Why do we need no consoles anyway? I mean just start making games out of voxel generators not polygons or pre-rendered objects. Honestly, I thought even though Crysis 2 looked beatiful, it's still rough around the edges.

SugarSoSweet3101d ago

Ive always wanted true Native 1080p gaming so bring on Next Gen please

SleazyChimp3101d ago

Im tired of being told I dont need the next gen. I love when new hardware is released. Yeah it may be a little rough out the gate for the first year, but its the potential of a new system that we all really invest in any way. The first screen shots of next gen games and the new features a system will have always gets me excited. I dont know about every else, but I pre-ordered my 360 when they first launched and didnt sleep out in front of any damn store!