Destructoid - No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise Review

Jonathan Holmes writes: As the Wii version is pretty easy to find for around $10, it's hard to recommend this mixed bag of an update, knowing that the less buggy original is $30 cheaper. If you're one of those people who really, really doesn't want to own a Wii for some reason, but still wants to play No More Heroes, then go ahead and give this game a rent. Compared to other PS3 titles, it looks a lot like a Wii game, and anyone expecting a GTA-like overworld will disappointed beyond words with Santa Destroy, but there are still plenty of amazing moments here if you're willing to spend the time and energy it takes to find them. As for those who have played the original, how much you enjoy this HD remake depends a lot on how much you value shiny-jacket and/or abdominal muscle graphics, and how well you can tolerate repeatedly getting your motorcycle stuck in palm trees. That's something you probably can't be sure of until you play the game for yourself.

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Ares843097d ago

Yeah after the demo this is I think a generous score. Might be just my opinion though.