Bodycount Launch Trailer

See new video from upcoming Codemasters, ex-Stuart Black game called Bodycount.

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marioPSUC3099d ago

I had some hopes for this game to be good and was considering buying it, but thanks to a demo I wont be, it just wasnt at all what I was expecting from what i heard about the game prior to the demo.

Destructible world was really really lacking in the demo you could only destroy a few things, I didnt like the whole aiming down the side of the gun, and if you pressed down all the way you wouldnt be able to move except just to dodge into cover, though if you press the trigger just a bit you could move and Aim down sights which kinda be annoying if you have to shoot someone fast.

MidnytRain3098d ago

Aiming off to the side of your gun actually works better in some games. Iron sights can cover up too much of the screen.