GamePro Preview: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

PS3 owners can finally get their taste of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune thanks to Thursday's 2.00 firmware update and PlayStation Store updates. GamePro took the demo for a spin to see if all the hype is well deserved.

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hanson5204928d ago

Can't wait for this game !!!

jiggyjay4928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

I'm happy for you PS3 fanboys! Now you guys will know how Next Gen Games look and play like w/o rumble of course! Its sad for you guys that i've had this experience for the last year on a cheaper console and provides excellent online service and hasn't crapped out on me!

Again welcome to next gen gaming Sony fanboys! Now we can maybe have some peace and quite around here now that the Sony Fanboys can actually play games on their console instead of roaming on the internet defending their $600 purchase and trying to make themselves feel better. So take your PS3 out of the closet and dust it off because you will not feel as ashamed for having a PS3 when your friends come over!

Edit- Certainly your opinion! But when the 360 came out what other console were able to output in HD in very game they have? I enjoyed COD2, Oblivion, GRAW which came out during the first 6 months! There's still great games on the 360 IMO! Each person has its taste and mine just happens to be the 360 games.

ravinash4928d ago

Mind you, I've been getting plenty of entertainment out of my PS3...way more that my 360 anyway, the only games I wanted to get for that were Bioshock and Mass Effect.

HeartlesskizZ4928d ago

What do you guys give for score to the demo?
Ill give it a 9.5 missing 5 points from me because the water fall was not big enough to swim in =( no, really the game is great and the demo is the proof.

mighty_douche4928d ago

id give it 9.3, not sure why.

gamesblow4928d ago

Yeah, swimming has been axed in the game. I couldn't believe that myself. They said the physics weren't up to speed for them and that they're looking to incorporate it into the next game. I was really bummed about that cause this will seem strange without some swimming involved.

Ju4928d ago

BS! It is all the AI's falt. They just forgot to add "swimming skills" to Nate's AI.

HeartlesskizZ4928d ago

exactly. after seeing that trailer with the Jetski I was like...after killing the bad guys im jumping in the water for a swim =) the details on the wet clothes is superb. imagine taking your shoes off to take the water out which is slowing you down from running faster hehe =)

gamesblow4928d ago

Eitherway, they're not having it in the game but are looking to add it in later installments. I don't know what your so upset about here. Not really... Evan said physics, he's the lead man on the team. You say AI... I'd like to think he knows more about it.

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The story is too old to be commented.