RAGE Hands-on Preview (El33tonline)

Oliver at El33tonline writes:

"Stepping into the gamescom demo room for RAGE, I didn’t expect to see id Software’s Tim Willits greeting journalists at the door, and I certainly didn’t expect to discuss anything to do with South Africa, either."

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BLow3101d ago

Wow, they actually played it on PS3. I guessing it runs fine. Hopefully, I'll have the $$ to get it because of all these games coming out. Oh well, some games will have to be put on hold till next year and I'm sure they will be cheaper as well.

OliverKO3100d ago

It was my 'journalistic' duty to play on PS3. ;)

There were Xbox 360s to the right and PCs to the left. From what I saw, the Xbox 360 version looks the same as the PS3.

PC is noticeably better than both, but that's expected.

Bathyj3101d ago

So was that actually Rage on Breaking Bad this week?

And what was he playing it with, a lightgun?

Does the game have move support?

It looked great, but I'll be even happier if it supports move, which 3rd party publishers should be doing.

Ulf3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

(I meant this as a reply to BLow's post)

I watched RAGE at PAX for the better part of an hour, right at a spot where the PS3 and 360 versions were next to each other.

They looked totally identical, barring two things. It looked like it was sub-720p on the 360 (it just looked.. I dunno.. muddier), and full 720p on the PS3, and every now and then, *rarely*, there was a frame tear on the PS3 (in some outdoor quad bike areas), but I never saw the same issue on the 360... it's possible that I just missed it, thoguh.

Since I prefer the benefits of full 720p, I'm definitely picking up the PS3 version. Honestly there was hardly a difference though. There may have been some mild pop-in on the 360 as well, but it was real hard to notice. The colors seemed a little richer on the PS3 version as well, but honestly, that could have simply been the lighting on the show floor... or iD could have honestly taken the time to use the full RGB range on the PC and PS3 (the 360 doesn't actually output full RGB -- most games are simply tuned to accomodate), I'm not certain.