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Game Informer: Since the original God of War released in 2005, Kratos’ epic has expanded to five games and three systems, including PSP. Those handheld entries from Ready At Dawn accomplish a rare feat, providing portable God of War experiences that earn their place beside the console installments. Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta are great games – without needing to apply the “for a handheld” qualifier. This fact is clearer than ever now that they are bundled together in God of War: Origins Collection.

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Goozex3102d ago

A must have for any type of gamer.ive played them on the small screen now let's try the big screen.

The_Devil_Hunter3102d ago

Im a little iffy on God Of War, I have yet to play the 3rd game, I just cant seem to connect to the series, I like the gameplay but its just the characters and story itself I cant seem to get around to. I dont understand why. Its something I really really want to love, but just cant. And it sucks.

SamPao3102d ago

did you play the first game? cuz story-wise it blew me pretty much away, and after playing the second, and beginning with the third, hell I WAS KRATOS! I WANTED MY REVENGE!!

The_Devil_Hunter3101d ago

Yes I played both of them, the first one on the PS2, and then again both on the HD collection, they just dint get my full attention.

Bumpmapping3102d ago

Gotta wait on this one too many games coming out!

Scuzzlebutt3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

Sweet, can't wait. Sure beats Halo remake, twice as many games and ones that are not already BC.

Raven_Nomad3102d ago

How exactly does two PSP titles beat Halo CE remake? Which also comes with online functionality and terminals that help with the Halo 4 story line.

Your really comparing apples to oranges, Halo CE was completely remade, not just upconverted to HD.

Zynga3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

Are you insane! Let me know when GOW origins does revamped graphics that let go back to new and old school. With online coop and multiplayer plus 3D support.

That only things that GOW origin does is 720p with 60 fps and right camera support. Im sorry but there's more in halo CE in a dvd disc.

P_Bomb3102d ago

What does MP/co-op have to do with anything? GOW isn't a MP shooter. It is in 3D though, plus it's 2 games not 1.