Minecraft 1.8 Adventure Update Footage And Screenshots (Update Overview/Impressions)

Having seen the following video (and linked to it in my last post) I thought it had far too much info in it to just pass off.

Here is my overview of all the 'leaks' in the video;

Creative mode includes and option to fly when 'Jump' is double clicked (un-clear how to travel up and down at this stage?)

You can set game mode per player! Notch: 'so you can set it per player in multi-player, having your mods as creative mode'

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WhiteLightning3096d ago

Amazing :)

Hope he's not shown us some things so we can find them out our self

ainsz3096d ago

I cannot wait to buy this game next week when I finally get a PC!! straight will be on Minecraft!!

admjwt3094d ago