Mass Effect: Gameplay Videos x3 posted three gameplay videos for Mass Effect on November 13. They are titled "Dirty Galaxy", "Close Quarters", and "Target Practice".

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C_SoL4358d ago

a must have for 360 owners....

MrWonderful4358d ago (Edited 4358d ago )

this is the best 360 i own. i think that everyone will enjoy this when they get it. if you dont believe me then checkout my gamertag or add me to your friends list

mesh14358d ago

goty nab un gib=nna enjoy going ROLEPLAYING IN THIS game ahh hang over monrning oplaying mass effect muhaaaaa /taking my 360 to the family house over christamss getting drunk/smoking pot puire blizzz

Vespertine4358d ago

This game looks absolutely mind blowing. Can't wait to get my hands on it,

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The story is too old to be commented.