Resistance 3 With Sharpshooter A Futile Effort? "August 17, Toronto. The Resistance against the Chimera marched up to the Great White North with a pretty fun launch event. Having yet to try out any 3D title from Sony, or any Move supported title for that matter, it was an event to remember, or at least I'd hoped. My 3D play session with the Sharpshooter peripheral and the fight against the Chimera lasted a good 45 minutes. Over that period of time, however, it's regrettable to say that while the 3D is brilliant, the Sharpshooter and gun design that goes with it isn't quite suited for the battlefield. At least not for any serious length of time."

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mephman3094d ago

I've heard pretty bad things about this - quite contrasting with Killzone 3.

JDouglasGU3094d ago

at least it's an improvement from the wii ;)

LOGICWINS3094d ago

Better just to use the Move with your wrist resting on your lap. Very accurate and VERY comfortable.

ReservoirDog3163094d ago

Yeah and don't you have to like fine tune the settings for the move? Sounds like they didn't do that for him.

Preordered the doomsday edition by the way.

jbl3163094d ago

I will have to disagree with you on this. I had the chance to play the game as well a few weeks back with the Sharpshooter and loved it. Although my colleagues stuck with the normal PS3 controller. I was the only one that felt comfortable using the Sharpshooter instead lol. I was pretty good at it too.

easternbalboa3094d ago

sharpshooter + killzone 3 + a few beers = monumental

xtremegamerage3094d ago

I just want the game, bring it.


HeavenlySnipes3094d ago

Move buddies on KZ3, they say, its actually better to NOT use it. I don't have a sharpshooter, but I find it quite easy to adapt and play with the Move resting on my lap. I'd also assume that its less tiring then holding up the sharpshooter.

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The story is too old to be commented.