1up reviews Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles

1up's Nick Suttner reviews what 1up calls an "On-rails whirlwind tour of the Resident Evil series".

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TruthbeTold4928d ago

Anyone pick up this game yet? What do you think?

Leon Kennedy4928d ago

I just hope Capcom releases RE5 for Wii. I don't care if the graphics aren't as good as 360 and PS3. RE4 Wii Edition was an awesome game-it made the PS2 and Gamecube aiming system look old-fashioned.

MK_Red4928d ago

Agree on RE4, zombie shooting with Wiimote was insanely fun and way better than PS2/GC.

Rooftrellen4928d ago

I would need more incentive to pick up a PS3 or 360, because, right now, neither system has much that I want while Nintendo is getting almost everything I'm looking forward to.

RE5 is one of those things I would want (RE is one of the few shooters I enjoy!) However, there is no way in the world I could go back to the old aiming system.

We can still hope, though. Capcom could pull a MH3 for it, yet! Hopefully RE:UC sells well enough that it will be considered.

Eclipticus4928d ago

i think i am gonna get both UC and RE4 this weekend, cant wait to go back to the mansion

TruthbeTold4928d ago

Umbrella chronicles will sell over a million like the RE 4 Remake did. Seems like it's not quite as good a game, but powerful on the nostalgia and fun factors which are plenty for Resident Evil fans.

DeckUKold4928d ago

and add the fact i didn't play RE parts 0 and 1 i'll get this 4 sure