Fable: The Journey and the Lack of Melee Combat

Ember uses his free time to complain about Peter Molyneux's reasoning for the absence of melee combat in Fable: The Journey.

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Firstkn1ghT3097d ago

First Fable I will not be buying.

MintBerryCrunch3097d ago

not really a Fable game and definitely not a direct sequel to the past 3


Same wont buy it even if I had a Kinect.

Shadonic3097d ago

Honestly he could put melee combat into the game and even movement like in rise of nightmares. I think hes probably running into problems with how you would changed from melee to magic this could be solved easily by using the voice recognition in kinect for changing spells or using chants where you have to read text off the screen to summon something to fight with you or call on a huge storm or something the possibilities for these games are as limitless as your imagination.

frozengame3096d ago

Yeah, Molyneux is just giving excuses.

Shadonic3095d ago

i think hes just burnt out in ideas because of all the expectations he has to meet with fable and hes just kind of given up a little.