Did the Elite Outsell The 40GB PS3?

When the Xbox 360 Elite hit Japan, the black console sold right out. And when the 40GB PlayStation 3 went on sale, it didn't. Japanese site Ota Road claims that the limited edition Elites (Japan only got 5,000) actually sold better the 40GB PS3. What's more, the new and cheaper PlayStation 3 doesn't seem like it sold out anywhere in Osaka's Den-Den Town. Things to keep in mind: This isn't based on official sales figures, but rather visiting multiple Den-Den Town retailers. What's more, stores most likely had a larger stock of 40GB PlayStation 3s than Xbox 360 Elites. However, the Elite's launch was backed by little to no support from Xbox Japan, while Sony rolled out four television ads for the new, cheaper PS3 model. We won't know until we see the sales figures, though. One thing that is sure: There's no shortage of 40GB PS3s in Japan.

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Baba19064930d ago

duuuuh sure if u have 5000 xbox and 1000000 ps3 selling out means nothing... stupid article..........

krackchap4930d ago

rofl first day 40gb sales = 1/10 of the toal userbase of 360 in japan
nice try kotaku

gaffyh4929d ago

How the hell does 5000 sales become more than 50,000???? I see now where all the "is Kotaku on MS payroll?" posts come from...

titntin4930d ago

Yup - totally pointless article given that we know the new PS3 sold between 36K and 50K on day one, as has already been reported here.
I did report the story while it was waiting for approval of course, but these things have a habbit of being approved anyway, even if they are pointless! :)

ruibing4930d ago

Agreed, 50k on day one basically triples the weekly avg.

allforcalisto4930d ago

am i actually reading this right?

why post a story like this, knowing full well it'll start a really inane flame war.

5,000 elites compared to a monstrous amount of white ps3's what kind of comparison is that?

Sam Fisher4930d ago

u have to see that even sony's own ppl still think that the playstation is either too much still or they gave up on them....seems to me that sony is losing alomst everything but their pride honestly i salute them they done extremely well but i think its time to stop

blacsheep4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

has journalism really reached new lows?
the xbox elite sold what LITTLE stock there was,the ps3 has plentiful stock of the 40g in japan and has outsold the wii this week,so 5000 out of of 5000 elites were sold out but 66,000 40g ps3s out of say 100,000 were sold in the same period so theres OBVIOUSLY gona be more ps3s on the shelf!everywhere is boasting of a sharp sales hike for ps3s in japan due to the 40g arrival wel just wait for the official figures,trust me i know im right.
what a truly retarded article worst i think ive seen on this site.

UPDATE- his now changed the heading of his article to PS3 DIDNT SELL OUT IN DEN DEN or something like that,and now his stating that ps3 had more stock which he never stated before!

vaan4930d ago

Go and pay to play xbots and just say no to FUD.

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The story is too old to be commented.