Gamescom Gears of War 3 Hands On Impressions : writes "Gears is looking better than ever, it is handling incredibly well and still has that weight to the gameplay that is legendary at this stage but without suffering from the sluggish feeling the first title had. Just in case you have been stuck under a rock Gears of War is a third person shooter from Epic Games and exclusive on the Xbox 360 and one of the biggest franchises of the modern wave of consoles"

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JeffGUNZ3098d ago

Definitely a GOTY contender. I was nervous about this game, because if dedicated servers were absent, the MP would be terribly flawed. Playing the beta and experiencing the smooth dedicated servers, I realized how beast this game is. For those who didn't experience the beta, you don't know how good this game is going to be and the level of passion and the attention to detail amazed me. It's like they finally listened to the Gears veterans and made a game that will blow everyone away. I can't wait to go to battle in a few weeks!