Assassin's Creed: Pro-G Review (Xbox 360 version with PS3 Comparison) Scores 8/10

Pro-G writes:

"As stunning as the game looks and as enthralled as I was by the story - which really is quite intriguing if you look for all the information - the game's flaws are too hard to ignore. They mostly boil down to how the game seemingly goes out of its way to make things less fun than they should be. Escaping should be something Altair is highly skilled at, but guards are just about as agile, leaping from building to building after you. Time after time I was moments from taking shelter in some hay, in a roof garden or in the safety of a group of scholars, when a guard would spot me, and another lengthy pursuit would ensue - what should have been great fun quickly devolved into a chore.

Don't take this to mean that I didn't enjoy the game; it's something that I highly recommend, but it's just not as polished as it should have been. While it looks utterly amazing, the frame rate drops to sluggish levels in both versions of the game - usually while free-running on roof tops - and the PS3 game suffers from a slightly less than great frame rate during most of the game. There's also noticeable tearing in both versions of the game. It's not enough to put you off the game, but a shame nonetheless. If fully polished Assassin's Creed would have hands down been the best looking game of this console generation."

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Zhuk4922d ago

Yet ANOTHER game that proves the Xbox 360 is simply the most powerful console on the market, PS3 is having trouble keeping up thanks to its garbage unwieldy and inefficient architecture and its restrictive memory

mighty_douche4922d ago

the xbox flaws are SLIGHTLY better than the ps3's.... great.

just out of curiosity, are you this big a twat off your pc, or is this just a way to get replies? because at a guess id say you have what, no friends?

sad c*nt.

allforcalisto4922d ago

you are the saddest poster on this site.

its actually creepy seeing how consistent you are in your endless praise for xbox 360. "Only the 360 gives developers the ability to create...." *shudder* dude its just a game console.
Unreal has showed the ps3 can do gears and then some. Uncharted is being consider more visually impressive than gears, and this isn't just random users saying this; this is journos as well. The differences between the machines are marginal. That's goes vice-versa as well. I dont think it'd be impossible for the 360 to do kz2 in its current state.

the problem i think happened here like i think gamespot or gametrailers said in their review is that ubisoft didnt dedicate enough resources to building an independant ps3 build. Remember this game is on pc as well; they probably exploited the ease of 360/PC development and ignored certain obvious issues on the ps3.

Using assassin's creed to get a "win" is very sad.

zhuk seriously enough of the BS, you dont want to end up looking even more ridiculous than you do now in 08 do you?

sak5004922d ago

@1.3 "the problem i think happened here like i think gamespot or gametrailers said in their review is that ubisoft didnt dedicate enough resources to building an independant ps3 build. "

What would you expect? less than half consoles sold than 360 and wii, ps3 owners not buying enough games (guess they like to wait). Majority of games sold less than 500k. So companies would dedicate 10-15 people into studying the complex, dev-unfriendly hardware of ps3 and waste 1000s of man hours for couple of hundred k sales?

lawman11084922d ago

Has ANYBODY played this game?

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Neurotoxin4922d ago (Edited 4922d ago )

I read somewhere that its the review disks..... only GameSpot had the actual retail....

HAHA... if you believe that you will no doubt believe that zhuk isn`t a fanboy, if you look ever so closely at the picture a green tear is coming out of his eye..... awww emo fanboy, how sweet.

Although the top statement i did read somewhere or rather. LOL, made me chuckle. To be perfectly honest people are so anal about framerate that they turn a molehill into a mountain about it, Prime example PES2008, Frame rate fine INGAME, Replays bad.... where`s the crippling slowdown? (NON-HD TV OWNER). Up yours Konami.

HeartlesskizZ4922d ago (Edited 4922d ago )

people who does not own HDTV and have a nextgen console should not give opinions on how it is low res and low frames. you did the first step(moved on to NG consoles) why not make the second step(get your self an HDTV)

Neurotoxin4922d ago

Justify myself to an ignorant person..... what would be the point.

HeartlesskizZ4922d ago

what are you saying? anyways. the only game I have tried and see for my self if it was indeed real frame issues and turned out to be true was that american football game Madden 08 which was horrible Frates on the PS3.
o yes almost for got. RB6V for PS3 was also bad develop.

other then that games like GRAW2 and COD4 are running smooth and are probably the best multi platforms out there =)

FirstknighT4922d ago

So a game that started on the ps3 is better on the 360???? Poor sony owners.

Zhuk4922d ago

the only thing they have left is a bunch of Sony PR and lies that makes them think that their colecovision3 is a supercomputer.

One thing I learnt from the PS2 days was never believe Sony's lies, they always underdeliver

vasilisk4922d ago

oh boy, you two are very pathetic little men who obviously don't know how to read either...

mighty_douche4922d ago

take note, that^^ above is how you lead a lonely life!

games console to me = a fancy toy

games console to FirstknighT & Zhuk = love interest/best friend

redmamoth4922d ago

... when I say that I really really really wish Zhuks parents had never had s3x that fatefull night back in 94'.... It's really not the kind of thing Brother and Sister should be doing in the first place!!

FirstknighT4922d ago

Wow, that's your best? That's the best insult that you can think of? Wow, now I know why the ps3 is still selling. Idiots are buying it.

redmamoth4922d ago

I think you'll find that its Idiots, like yourself, that are pushing the 360 sales up so high. They keep on breaking but you suckers keep on buying them....

A good analogy would a certain episode of The Simpsons, I don't know if you've seen it, its a take off of a film call Cape Fear. In it, Sideshow Bob steps on the foot of a Rake and the handle swings up and hits him in the face. So he turns round and steps on another and the same happens, and so on, and so forth. He just NEVER seems to learn. Your XBox360 is Sideshow Bobs Rake my poor misguided friend.

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caffman4922d ago

round 2. Xbox 360 won the first round on points after ps3 went on its ass again

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