Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Modes Leaked Before COD XP

A video posted to YouTube by someone who allegedly broke into the upcoming Call of Duty XP event in Los Angeles shows a new game type, maps and information about the eagerly anticipated Modern Warfare 3 game. The 25 second video shows the person navigating the multiplayer menu for the game.The YouTube user that posted the video gained access to the Xbox 360 systems they’re using for the tournament.

The video showed a list of 13 multiplayer maps for the game. The names of the maps are Carbon, Coast, Dome, Exchange, Hardhat, Interchange, Lambeth, Meteora, Mogadishu, Paris, Plaza, Radar and Seatown. It’s possible a few more maps could appear in the retail release. Call of Duty: Black Ops, the last game in the series had 14 maps while Modern Warfare 2 had 16.

See Images Below:

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liveActionLeveler3095d ago

If the 32 players thing is true than that's just amazing. I like that they're trying to appeal to people who also like bigger games.

Dart893095d ago

Unless they use dedi servers on consoles enjoy you're cod lag fest :P.

jaosobno3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

Don't be envious just because MW3 supports more players than BF3 on consoles.

theonlylolking3095d ago

Maybe they are going to only have dedi servers on that game mode? I dont know if this is even possible but can there be 1 host for each team and the two hosts of the team communicate with each other for a better overall connection?

BlackSharinganX3095d ago

indeed its ground war it self and it lags bad cant imagine that one also camping will be way more.

gw4k3094d ago

I'm getting this for the 360. No way in hell am I going to play another COD on the PS3 until the network issues are solved. COD: BO is still a mix bag of lag. The 360 doesn't have any issues at all!

Washington-Capitals3094d ago

Im realy excited for MW3 but im going to call it as is, the fact it "only" has 13 maps is pretty disheartening. I think when they saw how well Black Ops DLC did with their three map packs, im sure they are holding at least 8-12 premade maps back to be handed out as DLC. Shrewd business.

bozebo3094d ago

MW3 seems like it could a fairly good game, deffo better than BO and MW2.

But I'm not going to buy any map packs for it, if I even buy it at all.

Having just 13 maps is silly, considering only about 5 of them will even be any good (if previous CoD games are anything to go by).

HSx93094d ago

This video is fake guys. Read the description of the map, horrible grammar, look at the map he chose, it's called Dome not Paris. Look at the ugly GUI, we all know Infinity Ward makes amazing GUI. Just overall the video looks sketchy.

Scary693094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )


You must be delusional if you think BO in 360 has no issues.

I highly daubt this game has 32 players, activision can't even handle 18 I can't imagine 32.

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Paradicia3095d ago

32 Players? OH SHI-

Roll on CoD XP!

superrey193095d ago

I remember playing with 32 players in COD4 for PC and it was not a pretty sight... the maps were simply too small. So unless they have dedicated servers for the console version, make bigger maps specifically for this mode, and fix the bad spawning system that has plagued the series for years, it will be difficult to enjoy such a mode in MW3.

DirtyLary3094d ago

Yup all these guys comparing it to having more players than BF3. They yet to mention the tiny rat size mazes, static objects ect..

peowpeow3094d ago

What's that map in CoD4, the one where you're basically in a sort of warehouse and its just 1 big rectangle.

Shittest CoD experience I've ever had (on PC). Nearly everyone had 3x frags so it was just:

Throw 3 frags

I hope the maps are of a decent size to accommodate 32 players

zeddy3095d ago

everything is coming along great just as it was with black ops, please dont dissapoint, all i want is the game to run and my bullets count and not go missing due to lag.

Gray-Fox-Type03094d ago

32 players?! Battlefield 3 is 24 players?! damn Battlefield might face some issues could be embrassing for BF if true. BF has large maps that it should have 32!

Clarence3094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

Not really. BF3 will have vehicles, and destructions. Along with 24 players on the map. Not to mention a all new engine. I will gladly take 8 less players on the map in exchange for that.

What's embarrassing is that activation is still using the same engine.
MW has smaller maps. 32 players could be 1 big cluster f$$k. Not mention the problem with dedicated servers. The more players on the map the easier it will be to get kills. Especially on the smaller maps. This will make the game even faster than it already is.

BF3 will be the better game IMO. It brings more to the table. Every multiplayer match you play in BF3 has the potential to be different because of the vehicles and destruction. The battleground will be altered.

You don't get this type of play in MW. Not a bad thing, but it doesn't keep me interested.

hadriker3094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )


DufferO83094d ago

is the 32 players not ground war?

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Static-X3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

Video taken down already, Damn Activision is quick with these things

xtremexx3095d ago


Adexus3095d ago

I hope the 32 player thing is true, not liking how they've lessened the maps though but maybe they're holding a few off for the final release?

Pro_TactX3095d ago

If by "final release" you mean "map packs" then you are probably right.

Finger-Eater3094d ago

Well on top of the first map name it said "List up" and below the last map name it said "list down", So maybe the guy just didn't scroll down to see all the maps.

fooxy3095d ago

Whats the point of 32 players with no dedicated servers on consoles ? Its gonna look like ground war on previous games but much much worse

BlackKnight3095d ago

Unless the maps are a lot bigger than they normally are in COD games, it will be a cluster fuck of random spawn kills an explosives and shit.

Mikeyy3094d ago

Not every ground war match lags.. whats with all the haters?