Analysis: Nintendo 3DS Isn't Dying

Rumors of the Nintendo 3DS' demise have been greatly exaggerated.

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RoboSpiff3097d ago

I think the system still has a lot of potential, why would it die so easy? NES-quik don't go down that way.

Gray-Fox-Type03097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

once the games are rolling in it has the potential to be DS all over again. Super Mario Land 3DS and luiges mansion 3DS may be the first 3DS games I buy. Looking at the DS just look at the stellar amount of games it has.

BubbleSniper3097d ago

hmm... i dont like how supposedly Nintendo is going to add another analog stick? they better have some kind of trade-in program for early adopters because that would be some fucked up shit on their part. I'd honestly break the fucking thing and post a video of it on several video sites.... no... no I wouldnt but that is how I feel.. I'd sell it and use the money to buy a few VITA games tho. lol.

I mean... it should have had another analog from the get-go!

ronin4life3097d ago

That rumor is bullcrap, and if it were true, also mentions an add on for original 3ds systems for $10.
There are alot of people who want the 3ds to fail. Don't listen to them.

Moduserous3097d ago

Remember the Virtual Boy. Awesome idea - poorly implemented.

Desert Turtle3097d ago

Ha, as someone who owns the thing, I can't say with a straight face that it was a good idea...

typikal823097d ago

I bought the Blockbuster hardcase for mine, it rules so much

PCE3097d ago

Ha, I bought one at the flea market for less than a dollar! I have the entire library of games for it too and it can be held in one hand!

Mario4life3097d ago

"Rumors of the Nintendo 3DS' demise have been greatly exaggerated" wow really i could have sensed that on my own, we all knew it was exaggerated.

DA_SHREDDER3097d ago

whats exaggerating about the 3DS is its relevancy. It's pretty much the same thing as a regular DS, cept it has an analog stick and a useless 3-D feature. I think the machine is a piece of crap, I was better off not buying it at all.

user8586213097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

You hate a console after 5 months of its release? so how long did it take before you hated the ps3 after its release hmm??

Anyway its a great piece of hardware yes the games are stale atm, but you got great access to hundreds of amazing DS titles to keep you occupied before the big releases of oct, nov and december.

The DS had a lame first year and yet turned out to be imo the greatest handheld ever created with loads of AMAZING new I.Ps that nobody expected on the console.

Professor Layton
Phoenix Wright
Trauma Center
World Ends With You

Yes it may not av the uber grafexx but nintendo do what they do best make awesome games that bring out your inner child, and before raging fanboys cry that mario is getting milked I think the 22 million people who bought mario on the wii and DS are perfectly happy with the way nintendo handles the mario games.

I could keep this debate going but I'll leave it at that judging by your "I think the machine is a piece of crap" comment, clearly you have a very closed mind in terms of video games.

fluffydelusions3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

I wouldn't say it's a great piece of hardware. They relied on 3D as it's main selling point. They could have done much better from a hardware standpoint IMO. That said, with Nintendo systems it's always about games and I'm sure once we see more of those Nintendo franchises come out 3DS sales will boom even more.

Mario4life3097d ago

Good for you, it worth buy it for a bunch of other people and if you think that then you obviously need to get educated on the 3ds

PCE3097d ago

That is saying the GBA is the same as a Color except it has a wider screen and shoulder buttons. 3DS is the successor of the DS and in the end it's about the great games not gimmicks!!!

klecser3097d ago

Anyone who thinks this hasn't had enough hands on time with the console or had made their mind up long before they even touched one. In short, the 3DS is not a DS with 3D. Everything about it functions better than the DS, except the battery life, which is a known legitimate criticism.

yabhero3097d ago

Ok lemme help you. Look at a N64... now look at a DS... about same graphics quality. Now look at a Wii... look at your N64... HUGE graphical difference! Now look at your Wii again...stuff a better graphics chip, shader and processor into shirk all the tech inside and put it in a sleek and shiny DS case... now add a analog stick make everything in amazing 3D... call it a 3DS... look back at your N64... then look at your 3DS... take another Wii and give it some steroids... then look at your 3DS... about same quality except in a handheld... now to your piggy bank and break out 170... now goes buy a 3DS and see that it is actually a Wii on steroids... now go to the blackboard and write " I'll will not speak without testing something first"... 1000 times

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ronin4life3097d ago

I think the problem here is that people are comparing it to other current gen consoles, which makes little to no sense.
No matter how you personally consider it, the 3DS is next gen, and should only be compared to other consoles of the same gen, of which there are currently none on the market.
If you had a jumping contest between a 2 year old and an 10 year old, who would win?
The one just starting out, or the one with longer, stronger legs?

Shnazzyone3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

According to what i've read it apparently has a 200mhz GPU just like the vita will. Not sure of other specs in comparison but vita also has just VGA cameras front and back. Nearly I can tell unless better specs are shown, vita is just a 3ds with a bigger screen, 3g available, a 2nd dual analog, and a touch gimmick but no 3d. I feel that's a better analogy then 3ds is a ds with 3d.

PimpDaddy3097d ago

Nintendo has their own market that they appeal to. Personally I wish Nintendo had just implemented better hardware instead of going the 3D rout. But just like with all of their earlier portable consoles. The games will make the system and not the hardware specs.

My wife bought a 3DS for her son this past weekend. He like sit. But the 3D did put some strain on my wife's eyes. I think Nintendo made a mistake with the 3D. I didn't find the 3D aspect that appealing either...

J86blum3097d ago

I purchesed a Cosmo Black 3Ds after the price drop, and own three 3 games and I love this handheld, it also killed alot of time for me during Hurricane Irene.

PCE3097d ago

That is the variant I own. :D

Enjoy your 3DS, there is an awesome lineup coming up for it this holiday season.

J86blum3097d ago

Oh I agree, im picking Starfox up soon as its released.

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