Resistance 2 Story and Design Diagrams on Surfer Girl's Blog

Three diagrams for Resistance 2 have been posted on Surfer Girl's blog, apparently by DA Golaith, who have hacked into Surfer Girl's Google/Blogger account and likely uncovered the diagrams from her emails.

In what appear to be internal design diagrams for Resistance 2, we get to see the multiplayer classes, story treatment, and even scene-by-scene visual story treatment of the game - in great details.

The diagrams are not reposted here because of copyright concern. Be warned: they contain major spoilers.


• The story of Surfer Girl's email and blog account getting hacked has been reported under "Surfer Girl's account hacked - her name and secrets revealed". See the first alternative link.

• The diagrams at Surfer Girl's site have been removed, but they have been saved by visitors and are being hosted at See the second alternative link "Diagrams & Spoilers".

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Skerj4922d ago (Edited 4922d ago )

I knew something was up with the blog because yesterday's posting was ladden with just weirdness for lack of a better word. I didn't look at the plot because I don't want it spoiled if it is true but those weapons don't really scream "Insomniac" especially for the supposed Chimeran classes. Then again they might just be keeping that strictly internal to stop copycats, but just the same I'm taking this with a huge grain of salt.

gamesblow4922d ago (Edited 4922d ago )

Please, people... this is not legit. Her site has only been hacked by her damn self. Don't buy into this garbage. This is her way of saving face. nothing more. "oh, it wasn't me... my site was hacked when I made those lame ass predictions" yeah, please... It's like God giving moses the ten commandments, yet he lost them. If god gives me something personally, think I'm gonna keep ahold of them. Whatda say? This SMACK ASS C*NT PUNT is getting all this information and just letting it go... Either A) They won't be telling her ass anything else... or B) she's a liar and she's hacked her own site. My money is on her hacking her own site. Don't be foolish people.

Please, read and learn the truth.

ktchong4922d ago (Edited 4922d ago )

So, what happened to "Alan Wake AXED"?

I thought you were 100% sure.


unwind_protect4922d ago

This was exactly my opinion after reading the blog of the alleged Polish "hacker". It should give the impression that she's in contact with important people in the game industry, that her information is correct - emails from ubisoft etc. labeled "confidential", 90 emails with words "do not mention me" LOL. You also can't hack into a gmail account so easily, you could only use brutal force and try all entries in a dictionary but which dictionary contains the word "[email protected]\/!$"? And of course, Travis just happens to be the favorite band of this hacker, what a coincidence! And those bogus grammar mistakes... People who are not native English speakers make totally different kind of grammar mistakes (look at mine :) - he uses pidgin English ("their female") but at the same time knows expressions like inappropriate, crucial, mind-boggling...

gamesblow4922d ago

Alan Wake isn't going to see release on the xbox 360, bank it. Unlike your feeble mind bying into garbage... I don't have to make up junk. I have a dedicated following. I wouldn't insult their intelligence. Alan Wake is not making it to the xbox 360. PC, yes... xbox 360.. nope.

mesh14922d ago

ull cry when we ar eplayign it MASS EFFECT proves anything is possile on the 360 trust me i know

gamesblow4922d ago

I don't knwo what that means, man... Sorry. I mean, I lvoe Mass Effect myself... So I don't know what you're on and on about here. Mass Effect is an incredible game. Well deserving of the epic scope it's been given. A true GOTY contender, if not the GOTY in my opinion. So, yeah... I gues you don't have a leg to stand on here???

KINGDRAMA4922d ago

360 cant be pushed any further......UNLESS U WANNA SEE RROD %'s GO FROM 30-40$ to 70-80%. BILLGATES teabagged ALL 360 owners, with sh1tt hardware just like hes teabaggin anyone who buys a zune2

ngg123454922d ago

Where is the second fire for half those weapons? Why are all fo them generic, and boring weapons. Why are chimeran now using human weapons. Lame, and fake al writen on it

Nagthragarthoth4922d ago

Has anything she's ever come true... I bet she's really a he... I highly it surfs and plays videogames.

Nagthragarthoth4922d ago

Has anything she's ever come true... I bet she's really a he... I highly it surfs and plays videogames.

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