Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection Hits PSN Tomorrow

Posted by Ed Boon: About 20 years ago, Midway was at the cutting edge of arcade game development using a unique method of creating very realistic images. By digitizing live actors, shot in front of a green screen, a number of games were developed that had a photorealistic look not found in any other games. Games like Narc, Smash TV, NBA Jam and Terminator 2: Arcade all used this technology. This approach was applied to a number of game categories including sports, gun games, and shooters. One genre, however, had not yet been attempted – the fighting game. In 1991, a small team of four decided to try making a fighting game using digitized graphics. The goal was to make something bold, shocking, and as realistic looking as possible. The game would eventually become Mortal Kombat, the first in a series that have sold over 30 million games.

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farhsa20083105d ago

Awesome games, brings back some fantastic memories!

SuperStrokey11233105d ago

10 bucks, i guess thats not too bad if you are a big fan

Skizelli3105d ago

Considering MK2 and UMK3 cost $10 on PSN and XBLA, respectively, I'd say it's a pretty good deal. They could have easily charged $15 for this.

Skizelli3105d ago

You're right. I was thinking it was $10 when it came out.

typikal823105d ago

Does this mean my old old really old copy of MK2 I downloaded from PSN years ago is obsolete?

SuperStrokey11233105d ago

Given the way that the newest mortal kombat has handled DLC what do you think?

Darkspade3105d ago

I can't believe this wont be HD, Man I was Looking forward to it, but not now...oh well

Skizelli3105d ago

In all honesty, I'm glad it was canned. The HD images that were released looked horrible.

BubbleSniper3105d ago

would have been epic if it looked like this:

Pozzle3105d ago

@BubbleSniper: Oh my god...that looks incredible!

Shame it won't happen :(

Skizelli3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

It would have. Unfortunately, the real thing is a far cry from that:

(Yes, I know I'm comparing MK2 to MK1, but I'm demonstrating the quality all games would have had. It just wouldn't be MK anymore.)

BubbleSniper3105d ago

wow that doesn't look TOO bad but it also isnt very good either lol

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DlocDaBudSmoka3105d ago

anyone know if this is gonna support 16:9 aspect ratio? i hate the borders these games end up having. so if anyone knows plz let me know. thanks.

Skizelli3105d ago

I haven't heard any confirmation about this, but I'd imagine it will allow you to stretch the screen at least.

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The story is too old to be commented.