Borderlands 2 To Have Huge Maps, Better Interactivity & Revamped Co-Op

Art Director Jeremy Cook talks to about the massively expanded Pandora, better combat interactivity, and a revamped co-op experience.

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antz11043104d ago

Great to hear all the tweaking, this could truly be a well rounded great game.

dead_eye3104d ago

I don't like the term revamped co-op. I would like it better if the word tweaking co-op was used. tweaking sounds like it's making something good even better. revamped sounds like it's getting killed and started again and the co op was spot on for borderlands.

antz11043104d ago

I liked the co-op but it was still weird at when you wanted to give someone a weapon, or the spawn system when your partner died...very far away, lol. Things like that I hope they "tweak".