Battlefield 3: Full extent of destructible environment revealed?

"You don’t have to be a Guns and Roses fan to have an “Appetite for Destruction” when it comes to first person shooter gamers. “Environmental destructibility” in game designer jargon has been on many gamers’ wish lists for many years now."

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rocky903094d ago

wow thats a lot of destruction!

Theonetheonly3094d ago

Damn dude i wish i had 100,000 percent of something

like... Imagine ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND PERCENT of ten Bucks.

Theonetheonly3093d ago

@ Gimme the loot
It is Dumb Ass-holes like you who choose logical analysis over Obvious meaning and context.

Telling me That I am displaying ignorance by constructing a metaphor; (just because i want to talk to my awesome friends Here on N4G) is a shallow attack that leaves me to think that you have absolutely no life what so ever and all that you can do is fantasize about the well constructed ignorance that you want me to pump into your mouth with my large kok, smothering your ass licking breath with my hot Rail and choking your oxygen flow with my white living embers.

you want to Argue over basic conversation on a Gaming site? go to preschool you tramp you might be able to get the "Up TIGHT' out of your ass.

Wenis3093d ago

Keep in mind Alan Kertz (the dev who said this) is an American living in Sweden. So he meant one hundred thousand, and not 100 percent with 3 zeros. I thought that should have been obvious when he said 'if you play the map enough times'. Can't believe this is even news.

Ice2ms3093d ago


Gimmetheloot is a troll account joined 13h ago

sl0w-m03093d ago

lol nice comment. Gimmietheloot needs to get a life

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RedDragan3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

I hope all the big buildings do not come down to easily. Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Vietnam... even Paris and Berlin in World War 2... showed that large buildings rarely collapse during a ground conflict.

Aerial Bombardment yes, but not in a ground war which is what BFBC3 will primarily be. So hopefully any large buildings collapsing will be scripted, but we can still inflict massive superficial damage instead.

That would be ultimate realism. We have lacked destruction, let's not over do it and destroy the illusion. It would be such a shame. And please note, I am talking about the big buildings which typically have immensely strong internal walls.

iamnsuperman3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

technically UGL grenades shouldn't bring down walls unless the walls are very thin. There not designed to do this.

hassi943093d ago

They actually said it would be very hard to bring down buildings completely - and impossible in most cases. It was easy to level a 3 story building in Bad Company 2 and it kind of pathetically pancaked when you shot a rocket at it - they insist this won't happen on BF3.

detroitmademe3094d ago

I would b lying if i said i wasnt just a little worried about the destruction n this game,Ive heard/seen that the most destruction u can do n multiplayer is bring down whole parts of a building.But he said that maps would be over %100 destructable if played enough.I wish they wouldve went into details.

NuclearDuke3093d ago

You can count on, that it's a lie.

DeadIIIRed3093d ago

yeah what did he mean by 100,000% destructible if you play a map enough times? Like destroying a map by 50% per game and playing 2000 games on that map?

leogets3093d ago

basically what he meant mate yer

hassi943093d ago

Basically, yes. He was being awkward and not giving a real answer.

ShoryukenII3093d ago

I think he means that it is like Battlefield: Bad Company 2, except it looks better and has added micro-destruction (sniper bullets breaking concrete). Obviously the pillars of the the metro station in Operation Metro aren't going to break (I think the entire map would collapse). But I think 90% of things should be destructible. I know that White Pass, Rush Mode, Battlefield: Bad Company 2's first mcom stations were in a big building. The walls were destructible but we could never destroy the whole building.

Dart893094d ago

So this means i can level a whole level to rubble??Looks like i know what im gonna do to prevent damn campers in buildings:P.

theonlylolking3094d ago

Camping is a style of play BUT in a game like battlefield were destructable enviorments exist, the style of play will not get you far, and neither will rushing like a chicken with its head chopped off.

vortis3093d ago

To be honest, there are VERY, VERY, VERY rarily any long-lasting campers in Battlefield games.

I've never encountered a long-standing camper because the shape of the battlefield changes so much. The landscape of frequent skirmishes and back-and-forth tug-of-wars keep most able-fingered snipers rushing to the next segment to help out their teammates.

It's amazing because the one game where crushing campers is a real delight doesn't really have many campers to crush. It's such a far cry from the CoD clones.

Fishy Fingers3094d ago

Contridiction themselves. Previously Dice said they don't want to break the game/maps by doing that, but guide the game.

Although.. "a map is “100,000%” destructible" A? as in, singular map? Need a little more specifics.

chak_3093d ago

yes, he was talking about caspian border.

indeed paris or NYC won't be destroyable at 100%, it would be good gameplay wise

hassi943093d ago

As said above, he was basically saying you could do it by destroying a map by 50% per game and playing 2000 games on that map. He was just being awkward and not giving a real answer, the writer of this article clearly didn't understand what he meant - the developer was playing with him sarcastically.

CrimsonEngage3094d ago

No map is 100% destructible. The way he said it was a joke.

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