Eurogamer reviews Uncharted: 'the first must-have PS3 title'

The fact that Uncharted: Drake's Progress has ended up so good has come as a real surprise, given that there was never any real 'buzz' around it leading up to its release. But, thinking about it, when has Naughty Dog ever let us down? Given a fresh platform and a new lease of life with a radically different style of game, it has carefully pieced together the best bits of all your favourite action adventures and come up with a fundamentally focused offering that's easily as good, if not better than any of them.

By focusing on keeping things fun at all times, it might not be considered the most expansive or ambitious game out there. It doesn't have a free-form openworld, but this is proof - if it were needed - that making a linear action game is nothing to be sneered at. By starting with a great control and camera system, building on that with excellent combat and a wonderful spin on Ico's platform adventuring, and then topping it off with a decent storyline, Naughty Dog has cooked up one of the most relentlessly entertaining, fat-free games to emerge in ages. Topped off with the most stunning use of the PS3's underused technical prowess yet, Uncharted: Drake's Progress is the first must-have PlayStation 3 title.

Score: 9/10

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Baba19064930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

i dont see it as the first. but well nice score.=D my first must have is probably R&C. love that game. or HS? or maybe warhawk oh god i love warhawk. hmm nop uncharted is not the first must have.

Leon_Blu4930d ago

Great review, watch the video review

krackchap4930d ago

3rd bonafide exclusive AAA title for the ps3 after resistance and ratchet,with atleast 5 Almost AAA exclusive titles like HS,motorstorm etc
and 3rd party AAA like COD4,oblivion,sigma

hey but didnt the bots say that ps3 has no games

HeartlesskizZ4930d ago

when it comes to video reviews trust no1 but GT. and about UDF being first PS3 MH title that is not ture. what about Ninja Gaiden? or RFOM? or like mention b4 R and C? liers!!!!

MK_Red4930d ago

Agreed on Uncharted NOT being the first must have. It is a must have but so were Ratchet & Clank, Sigma and Resistance.

Also agreed on GT and not only for video reviews. GameTrailers and Game Informer are now my only trusted reviewers (IGN got out after editing / modifying their Assassins review...)

jiggyjay4930d ago

I'm happy for you PS3 fanboys! Now you guys will know how Next Gen Games look and play like w/o rumble of course! Its sad for you guys that i've had this experience for the last year on a cheaper console and provides excellent online service and hasn't crapped out on me!

Again welcome to next gen gaming Sony fanboys! Now we can maybe have some peace and quite around here now that the Sony Fanboys can actually play games on their console instead of roaming on the internet defending their $600 purchase and trying to make themselves feel better. So take your PS3 out of the closet and dust it off because you will not feel as ashamed for having a PS3 when your friends come over!

DrPirate4930d ago

Uncharted has rumble.

I would know, I own a Dualshock 3 jiggyay.

Skerj4930d ago

Wow jay, I wonder why you only have two bubbles with the insightful and well thought out posts you provide that add SO MUCH to the N4G community.

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TheMART4930d ago

Just what I expected months and months ago.

Uncharted, probably the only AAA killer app for the PS3 in 2007 on or over 90% average rated reviews, first 'must-have' title like Eurogamer says. Seems to become reality.

mighty_douche4930d ago

..your mum and dad cry themselves to sleep everynight.

Pika-pie4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )


Around 1 year into the 360 life cycle it received its first AAA (Gears) so you obviously didnt write off the 360 for having 1 AAA then, so why write off the PS3 now.. Cos your a FANBOI!

Hades13374930d ago

Wasnt Gears of War the only AAA title in the first year of Xbox 360 sales?? This shows that the PS3 is right on track with the 360, and with the likes of LittleBigPlanet, Killzone 2 and MGS4 coming our way, it looks set to revel in the success next year that the 360 has done this year, if not even more.

sonarus4930d ago

wow 9.0 frm eurogamer. This really is the best ps3 game out there then.

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gamesblow4930d ago

Not a 1st by anymeans... Resistance, R&C have a word to say. I lvoed Lair and thought Genji 2 was better than Ninja Gaiden sigma in everyway "graphically more so than anything" So opinions do varry.

mesh14930d ago

lets not forget it got a 8.5 from egm a major reviewer.

RonDeMuerte4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

and I think they threw a 7 in there too......must've been people who weren't affected by the people huh?

Baba19064930d ago

8.5 is still absolutly great score. mesh get a life.

nix4930d ago

...and we know where you fall.

kingboy4930d ago

"Truly, Uncharted is the first game I've seen to date that makes me wonder if it could be done on the Xbox 360, and as a huge admirer of the software line-up on Microsoft's system, that's saying a lot."

The game speaks for it`s self

CG4930d ago

But if you think this game cant be done on the 360 then your just dumb.

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