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GameDynamo - "What is it about zombies and cheerleaders that appeal to so many gamers? Combine them with the mad genius of Suda 51 (No More Heroes, Killer 7) at Grasshopper Manufacture along with director James Gunn (who, oddly enough, wrote both Dawn of the Dead and Scooby-Doo), and you have the potential for either the most bizarre, but brilliant, survival horror game of all time in Lollipop Chainsaw, or a lame Buffy the Vampire Slayer rip-off."

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sarabbc3094d ago

Sounds like a strange combination

Bigpappy3094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

If you are between the age of 11 to 18, this game is probably aimed at you. But I am sure some lonely older guys will get a little excited evey time the camera lets them see what color panties she is wearing.

It would not appeal to me at this stage, but I understand the business side (easy money).

OpenGL3094d ago

I honestly don't have interest in a marriage of gratuitous sex and violence in my games(or film for that matter) but I guess some gamers do.

Buuhan13094d ago

Ironically this comment makes you seem like one of those 11-18 crowd, ignorant. Because ALL adult entertainment has to be uber serious and sane.


dgroundwater3094d ago

I'm 19 and dying to play Suda's stupid game. I must be a manchild :(

Quagmire3094d ago

Right on brother.

Who the hell does he think MAKES these games? 11-18 year olds? Hell naw.

Venox20083094d ago

I am 24 and there's no way that I won't play this Suda51's masterpiece.. like almost all his games.. (new ones starting from Killer 7) all of them are great..

dgroundwater3093d ago

I hope Suda does another serious game one day. Killer 7 was so profound, and I'd hate to see his legacy be dick jokes and cheerleaders.

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Run_bare3094d ago

Is not John Romero, it's George A Romero.

DJZed3094d ago

Thanks for the correction. We fixed the mistake. John Romero is a game director, no the horror movie director he was referring to.

Buuhan13094d ago

"or a lame Buffy the Vampire Slayer rip-off."

The guy who wrote this article is already an idiot for even thinking this is a possibility.

TheComedian3094d ago

You are taking things way too seriously.Games like that aren't necessarily played by adolescent nerds or adult weirdos because they want to "get off".I am 19 and like dgroundwater am looking forward too playing it.Why?Because maybe I am bored of shooters.Maybe because I want to embrace fresh ideas so this industry won't remain stagnant.Or maybe just because I want to play something over the top that will send my brain exploding over the freaking sky with its comically exaggerated sense of style.

Venox20083094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

exactly.. well said, mate.. I am tired of those banal shooters and other stuff too ... that's why Suda51 and Platinum games/Clover are the best devs now for me.. because their ideas are fresh and over the top..