Analyst believes Monster Hunter announcement will be made at TGS

Mizuho Securities is predicting that Capcom will announce a new entry in the Monster Hunter franchise at the Tokyo Game Show next month. The company raised its target stock price for Capcom from ¥2,200 to ¥2,600 as a result of their expectation. We’ve heard rumors of a Monster Hunter 3DS title, so you have to wonder if that’ll end up coming true.

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Myst3093d ago

If it is for the 3DS I wonder how it will work.

*Tries to imagine fighting the Naruga on the 3DS*

*Screams and throws the 3DS*


VINNIEPAZ3093d ago


waltyftm3093d ago

They need a full on PS3 Monster Hunter, not some PSP port(looks great).

Ilikegames763093d ago

That would be great. I hope they would do that and that the game would support move.

RockmanII73093d ago

Move support will be in the Gold edition.

Simon_Brezhnev3093d ago

Scamcom is just lazy. We do need a full new monster hunter game on ps3. Knowning them their probably thinking of what dlc on disc they want to add.

ozstar3093d ago

Why? Nobody bought it on the home consoles, including the PS2 and Wii versions.

Japanese want it portable clearly.

Darth Stewie3093d ago

They need to make a Monster Hunter 4 for the PS3 and PS Vita so that you can transfer the saves and play anywhere/anytime. If they do this Japan would go crazy. PS Capcom if you do this you better release the game world wide not just Japan.

SamPao3093d ago

This would be OVERKILL! in a good way, to be honest, this is the best thing a gamer can think of, its just.... and yes, release that thing WORLDWIDE! we're still with our UNITE, even though, its pretty amazing!

Kamikaze1353093d ago

If that gets announced I'd buy it on both the PS3 AND the Vita as well. I'm sure a bunch of other people would do the same.

MasterCornholio3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

I believe that will happen because Sony is heavily pushing the crossplay between the Vita and the PS3. Japan would go berzerk over the Vita if that happens especially if the 2 are packaged together like ruin at no extra cost.

All Hail the Vita the sacred handheld that the lords of sony will bestow upon us. And god spoke unto the people and for only 250 euros you shall receive my blessing.

Lol kidding but i am really excited for the vita.

Back to the topic

I dont doubt that there will be a monsterhunter for the 3DS but i dont believe it will be as good as the Vita version which is bound to come out at around the same time due to the hardware differences between the two.

WooHooAlex3093d ago

Monster Hunter on PS3/Vita with cross-platform play please.

user8586213093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

Gosh you cant go on a 3DS article without at least 5 people mentioning the vita, we get it you like the console but this is a 3DS article!!!!! and yet when people mention the 360 on a ps3 article the whole site explodes....

Anyway never tried monster hunter, but if it did come out on the 3DS ad surely give it a try :)

Masterchef20073093d ago

Awww poor little guy is mad at people because they are excited about the vita. Dont worry as the saying goes "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me"

I am terribly sorry that they hurt your feelings but this is N4G and people are going to state their minds here. If you dont like it then you can just live with it or not use N4G ever again.

BX813093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

He just stated his mind as well. LMAO brainiac.

Menchi3093d ago

Except, this is a speculative article, with an analyst expecting a new MH game. The actual analyst doesn't infer any platform, so your accusations are unfounded.

Both handhelds look like potential homes for a new MH, so why not let people speculate?

ozstar3093d ago

The assumption is that this is the reason for Nintendo's stock price recovery last week.

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