TecStories: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Part 1

8087h3d1n054ur from TecStories writes:

Well, I've just bought myself a brand new shiny copy of Deus Ex Human Revolution for the PC. I was pleasantly surprised by turning up at the shop where I pre-ordered it, to find that they felt that giving me a whole bunch of free stuff was in order. I could have sworn that I had ordered the average-joe edition, but upon turning up at the store, I was given a spiffy, but empty, metal game case, as well as a VERY pretty box including a bonus disk, 3 extra, make-the-game-unfair-in-my-fav or weapons and a cool little art book that I'm probably never going to look at again.
Enough with the semantics so I'll just shut up and review the game.

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