Hidden Code In Assassin’s Creed: Revelations E3 Demo | GameBlurb

GameBlurb, "While E3 2011 has been long over, news from the event is still coming to a is some VERY juicy hidden details from the AC:R E3 demo."

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Bay3103d ago

Woohoo, riddles. I suck at riddles. I wonder what this one means...

MicrocutsX23103d ago

Lol click the spoiler and you'll see what it says...seems like the first two are reffering to ezio and altair...third one maybe desmond??

Eamon3103d ago

The Greeting - Altair receiving the Apple
The Warning - Ezio receving the warning from Minerva.
The Revelation - I guess we will find out in this game lol

Stakenborg3103d ago

Makes me think of Dark Souls' campaign. Always a good idea to get users involved before the game even releases.

T3MPL3TON 3103d ago

I may take some flak for this but I've been throwing around this idea with a friend of mine on the entire series, this all relates to "the revelation."

I think there is a reason Altair's, life has been basically kept a secret.. there are a lot of things about him we don't even know. There are a lot of thing about the assassins we don't know. What is "the revelation" is that the Assassin's aren't really the good guys. With Altair we saw that there was some corruption amongst the ranks of the Brotherhood. We've been told that Abstergo are the bad guys, they want to extrapolate data on hidden relics so on and so forth. We are told that they want to use these relics to control the masses. What isn't explained is who are the ones running the show for the Assassin's. Who REALLY runs the show? This is a group that has members all over the world. Yet we know so little about them. Why do they get to keep the relics? What agenda do they have?

"NOTHING is true, EVERYTHING is permitted."

If nothing is true, and everything is permitted, whats to say the Assassin's wont use the Relics themselves to gain power? It happened, Altair was betrayed by those closest to him and they wanted to use the power of the Relics. Why such a jump in time? the first game has Altair in the 1100's the next game takes place 300 years later. What happened during all that time?