The Five Worst Madden Cover Athletes Ever

PS Uni writes: "As the game's popularity snowballed to ridiculous proportions over the course of twenty-plus years, there have been many NFL players caught in the midst by gracing the cover, though they do so at their own risk. We've seen Hall of Fame talent such as Marshall Faulk and Brett Favre on the cover, which is fitting for such a legendary franchise.

Unfortunately, there have been as many clunkers as winners, as EA tends to gravitate towards players coming off of career years, and several years later these selections end up looking ridiculous as those players never reach those peaks again. Hell, sometimes they just pick someone based off of hype alone, before they showcase their true potential on the gridiron."

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Ruggadagod3098d ago

people still play madden?

Raven_Nomad3098d ago

More people buy and play Madden then a number of other games, like MAG, Socom 4, Killzone ect...

DrFUD3098d ago

where did that come from?

You just pulled a list of games out your ass totally unrelated to sports gaming and won the MVT (Most Valuable Troll)

3097d ago
Drazz3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

Peyton hillis, number 1 most undeserving, then vince young. *posted before reading*