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J86blum3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

While it looks good its just slightly bugging me that Spider-Man 2099 suddenly turned white.

He is Latin American, and he speaks like he is mumbling somewhat due to his fangs, and his eyes are red, all of this is due to his mutation. Though its clear the people behinde the game know nothing of him just probbly liked the outfit and saw he was from the future.

Enigma_20993097d ago

I'll overlook it if the game's good.

These guys look like they finally took the beating from Batman: Arkham Asylum to heart. Though I still miss the free swinging open world of Spider-Man 2/Web of Shadows.

J86blum3096d ago

Web of Shadows is still my favorite Spider-Man game. from the free roam, the web slinging and fighting was straight out of the comic book.