Beware of online gaming pitfalls

One of the current trends in the video game industry is the move to massively multiplayer worlds, which are both addictive and expensive. Many gamers have been hooked to these types of games logging in months-worth of game time over the course of a year.

Some gamers have even died participating in binge-gaming sessions. In 2005 a girl dubbed 'Snowy' participated in a 36-hour game session which led to her death. If addiction wasn't a big enough concern, most of these games require subscriptions in addition to the cost of the game itself. Some titles such as World of Warcraft boast millions of users who pay $15 a month to keep their characters outfitted in the latest and greatest gear.

Some games such as the recently released Hellgate: London don't require a subscription although they offer one to gamers who want additional loot, more monsters and special quests. If a player unsubscribes they loose all their special subscription items.

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JsonHenry4925d ago

They need to change how MMOs work before they will ever be addictive to me.

Go to (insert name) and bring back x amount of (insert name). Now do that 100 times and you get a new level... NO THANKS!!

mesh14925d ago

u been playing lvl 13 horde to much as wow is like crack

Silvia0074925d ago

MMO's do not appeal to me either. My brother is hooked on WoW like nobody's buisness. I watch him play and I just don't get why you must spend months just to level up once. It takes way, way to much time out of my real life to be even close to worth it. If my brother spends the time he does in WoW to better himself in real life, he would probably be a millionaire my now.