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Liquid_Ocelot3105d ago

(0_o) I don't know how to process this..

jriquelme_paraguay3105d ago

and what if... on PS3....
...steam integration
.......dedicated servers
nahh.. idk

TheBeast3105d ago

That won't happen on the PS3. The only time Steam is on a PS3 game is when Valve publishes/develops it.

KingDustero3105d ago


Can you provide a source that proves that? I see no reason why a non-Valve game wouldn't be able to use Steamworks on the PS3.

I doubt Activsion would do that though since it'll easily make the PS3 version better than the 360 version. I don't really mind though, it would be nice, but I doubt it'll happen.

shossofe3105d ago

*gasp* *authentic surprised face*

jimmywolf3105d ago

i don't beleave that face looks authentic let me see the certificate of authenticity

SP3333D-O3105d ago

The biggest fly in the BF3 ointment, at the moment. They've done just about everything else right. Hope EA changes their position on this, but unfortunately doubtful.

gamingdroid3105d ago

... except being part of EA!

TitanUp3105d ago

applauds activision for a smart move in the call of duty franchise.

LightSamus3105d ago

Such interesting news really should have a good source. We can't just take your word for it unless there's proof.

SpitFireAce853105d ago

they can afford it since MW3 will sell 14 mill on the
360 and 11 mill on the PS3.

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