The Razer Blade: Bringing A Knife To A Gunfight

GP blogger, Gregoric writes, "Razer have always been a brand which offers mostly high quality yet quite overpriced hardware. Up until about a week ago they were happy just sitting in that particular sector of the market. You saw them on the sleeves of Pro Gamers as sponsors and you might see them on Amazon if you searched for gaming accessories and then clicked sort by price: high to low. However, the neon tinted silent force that is Razer have been making some pretty big claims lately. They had a website which explained in big letter that PC Gaming was NOT dead. This should have set off alarm-bells within itself because anybody know knows anything about PC Gaming in its current state knows that the platform and its support is far from dead."

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Solidus187-SCMilk3105d ago

HAHhA good article, I said the same exact thing on a comment on the article when this things price was announced that they just made console only gamers believe even more in the myth that PC gaming is expensive.

I also wrote that they should have made a cheap PC that can run games better than the ps3/360 and market it to console gamers.

I agree with your article. It seems like they made a way overpriced laptop that no PC or console gamer will buy. DO you know what the screen resolution is??? I read on someones blog that it was really low. It was the same as my netbook resolution lol. Im not sure if that is true but it would be pathetic if it was.