Locked & Reloaded - Part 1: the Man with the Golden Past

GP blogger, KaptainJ writes, "The name's Bond. James Bond. He prefers it shaken, not stirred, and somehow manages to change bodies every decade or so. And unless you live under a rock (Which is a pretty odd place to live), there's a little gem for the Nintendo 64 I'm sure you're aware of - GoldenEye 007. This game exploded onto the scene back in '97 as the first-person shooter to help revolutionize the genre that games like Doom and Quake had established. It was a classic. So much so, that at E3 2010, Nintendo made many fans all gitty when they officially announced that it was being remade (or rather, re-imagined). However, many modern FPS fans were kinda let down when it was announced to be for the Wii and DS, which aren't exactly best known for their amazing FPS's. But now that they've had time to think about the game's potential, Activision has decided, once and for all, that the game should be remastered in glorious HD for the Xbox 360 and PS3. But before we delve into the new, let's take a look back at what brought our lovely lady-killer to this point."

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