Wii's Popularity Is "Short Term"

Kotaku reports:

"Sony Computer Entertainment of Korea is going head-to-head with Nintendo and Microsoft. After years of ignoring South Korea, companies have wised up and moved in for a piece of the country's gaming pie. How is SCEK attempting to separate itself? With services MegaTV (above) available on the PS3. The Video On Demand system kicks off this month in South Korea."

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Prismo_Fillusion4933d ago (Edited 4933d ago )

Um, no.

Edit: Okay, I'll elaborate. I'll believe the Wii's popularity is "short term" as soon as demand for the system shows the slightly hint of decreasing. It's STILL really hard to find a Wii in most places.

superman4933d ago

How many times have we heard that. I can bet by next year Christmas if the wii is still doing well, we'll hear the same thing.

TruthbeTold4933d ago

For it's second Christmas go-round, apparently the Wii is being called the new "Tickle me Elmo" due to it's popularity. A year after the fact, with unparalleled success every step of the way as far as current consoles go. Haters are pathetic. Nuff said.

gunnerforlife4933d ago

until the ps3 and 360 become very cheap the wii will be alive and cicking ass,sadly:(

Zhuk4933d ago

We all know the Wii is only a fad compared to the real consoles

TruthbeTold4933d ago

Thanks for the laugh. Ignorant arrogance at it's best. :P

Basch4933d ago (Edited 4933d ago )

...even the millions who bought the console. For sheer entertainment value, though, your post is second only to the hilarious replies I got from those fundamentalists....

Rooftrellen4933d ago

I assume a "real console" is decided by power.

So the PS2 was the fad of last gen compared to the "real consoles" that were the GC and Xbox.

I'm sure Nintendo dares not dream the Wii be a fad like that.

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The story is too old to be commented.